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Tuesday 28 July 2015

On this date in . . .  
1931 Congress makes "The Star-Spangled Banner" our 2nd national anthem

Dates in American Military History: 28 July 
from the website: thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/about/

1863Under the command of Lieutenant Commander English, U.S.S. Beauregard and Oleander and boats from U.S.S. Sagamore and Para attacked New Smyrna, Florida. After shelling the town, the Union force “captured one sloop loaded with cotton, one schooner not laden; caused them to destroy several vessels, some of which were loaded with cotton and about ready to sail. They burned large quantities of it on shore. . . . Landed a strong force, destroyed all the buildings that had been occupied by troops.” The Union Navy’s capability to strike swiftly and effectively at any point on the South’s sea perimeter kept the Confederacy off balance.
1864Large side-wheel double-enders U.S.S. Mendota, Commander Nichols, and U.S.S. Agawam, temporarily commanded by Lieutenant George Dewey, shelled Confederate positions across Four Mile Creek, on the James River. Action was in support of Union moves to clear the area and restore full Northern use of the river at that Point.
1866 – Metric system became a legal measurement system in US.
1914 – The British government orders its warships to their various war bases. The main force, the Home Fleet, begins to assemble at its anchorages in Scapa Flow in the Orkneys off the northeast coast of Scotland from where it can dominate the North Sea and block the German fleet’s access to the world’s oceans.
1915 – US forces invaded Haiti and stayed until 1924.
1916 – Navy establishes a Code and Signal Section which initially worked against German ciphers and tested the security of communications during U.S. naval training maneuvers.
1926 – Team of scientists from Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and Carnegie Institution determine height of the Ionosphere through use of radio pulse transmitter developed by NRL.
1931 – Congress made “The Star-Spangled Banner” our 2nd national anthem.
1942Coast Guard J4F Widgeon, CG tail number V-214, piloted by Chief Aviation Pilot Henry White and carrying crewman RM1c Henderson Boggs, attacked a surfaced German submarine off the coast of Louisiana with a single depth charge. After the war, the US Navy credited V-214 with sinking the Nazi sub U-166. White was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Boggs was awarded the Air Medal. Nevertheless the U-166 was later learned to have been sunk a few days earlier by a Navy patrol craft. White had actually attacked the U-171, which reported in her war diary as having been attacked by an unidentified aircraft in the very location that White reported attacking a U-boat. The U-171 escaped with no damage.
1943 – President Roosevelt announced the end of coffee rationing.
1944 – On Guam, American marines occupy much of the Orote Peninsula. Other US forces take Mount Chachao and Mount Alutom in the continuing effort to link up the beachheads.
1944 – LTJG Clarence Samuels became the first African-American to command a “major” Coast Guard vessel since Michael Healy and the first to achieve command of a Coast Guard vessel “during wartime” when he assumed command of the Light Vessel No. 115 on 28 July 1944.

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