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  • 2019 4th of July Parade - Sailor of the Year
  • 2019 4th of July Parade - Bluejacket of the Year
  • 2019 Navy League Banner - 4th of July Parade
  • Dr. Darrin Hand, NL Pres. Greg Smith, Chaplain David Lura
  • 4th of July Sailor of the Year
  • 2019 4th of July Sailor of the Year
  • Senator Barbara Bailey + 2018 Reserve Sailor of the Year Deburkarte
  • NAS Whidbey CNIC Large Installation Excellence Award Winner 2016 & 2017
  • President Smith presenting Navy flag to Bill D'Aoust, retired CPO on his 100th birthday
  • Navy League Past President - Steve Bristow
  • Thank You, VETERANS!


26 January 2020

On this date in . . .
from: http://www.scopesys.com
1951 Mel Ott & Jimmie Foxx elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1954 Ground breaking begins on Disneyland
1988 "Phantom of the Opera" opens at Majestic Theater
New York City NY for 4,000+ performances

from: thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com

1893 – Captain Abner Doubleday was born at Ballston Spa, New York, in 1819, and attended schools at Auburn and Cooperstown. He attended West Point, and graduated in 1842 with a commission in the artillery. Doubleday served in the Mexican War and, during the 1850s, in a campaign against the Seminole Indians in Florida. He was promoted to captain in 1853, and was stationed in Charleston Harbor when the crisis at Fort Sumter occurred. As a staunch unionist who strongly opposed slavery and supported Lincoln, Doubleday regarded the Carolinians as traitors. His opinions won him no friends in Charleston. His wife shared his views, and while she was staying i n Washington in mid-March 1861, she was consulted by Lincoln after his cabinet first gave its views about relieving the fort. Lincoln wished to see her husband’s letters so that he could get a fuller picture of the situation at Sumter. After the surrender of Sumter, Doubleday served in numerous campaigns throughout the Civil War, and was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1863. After the war, he attained the rank of colonel before retiring from active service in December 1873. He then made his home in Mendham, New Jersey, where he died in January 1893. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Doubleday has often been credited with inventing the game of baseball in 1839 at Cooperstown, New York, now the location of the baseball’s Hall of Fame. This claim appears to date from the late nineteenth century, when baseball owners tried to disassociate the game from any connection to the English game of rounders. The assertion that Doubleday invented baseball is almost certainly untrue. Doubleday was not at Cooperstown in 1839; he never referred to the game, much less claimed that he invented it, and his obituary in the New York Times did not mention baseball, either.
1904 – The emperor of Addis Ababa, Abyssinia, decorated Marine Captain G. C. Thorpe for escorting diplomats 500 miles through the desert.
1911 – Glenn Curtiss piloted the 1st successful hydroplane in San Diego to and from the battleship USS Pennsylvania.
1913 – The body of John Paul Jones is laid in its final resting place in the Chapel of Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.
1942 – The Board of Inquiry established to investigate Pearl Harbor find Admiral Kimmel, (then Commander in Chief, US Fleet) and General Short (then Commander in Chief, Hawaii Department) guilty of dereliction of duty. Both have already been dismissed.

Navy League Motto

1.  To enhance the morale of active-duty personnel and their families,
2.  To inform Congress and the American public on the importance of strong sea services, and
3.  To support youth through programs that expose young people to the values of our sea services.



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A special WELCOME to the Oak Harbor Area Council
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of the United States. 
We are civilians in support
of the men and women
of the Sea Services.



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4 Feb 2020
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